Besides the Essity Ventures team, Essity is continuously looking at the potential of external players to boost its innovation practices across the organization. Therefore we encourage entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas outside the  listed topics to apply via our platform and if we see a fit in other parts of our business we will make sure to connect them to the right persons in Essity. The following areas where we might be interested into collaborations are the following:

  • Business and Customer Logistics -  How can we deliver our customers more efficient and more sustainable with innovative value added service solutions? We want to further strengthen our customer collaboration and make the difference to our competitors by implementing new and innovative value added services and sustainable solutions (e.g. new digital delivery solutions, tracking & tracing, E-Commerce logistics).

  • Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT

  • Sustainable and innovative packaging solutions

  • Technology innovation in the area of data science, innovative IT trend

  • Etc.